Koni Yellow Inserts Installation


Anybody who has ever been for a ride in a car with a set of Koni shocks will know exactly what I’m talking about when I rave about how brilliant these things are! I’ve been hunting around for some for a fair while now and after some extended eBay time I managed to score a pair of brand new inserts at the right price!

They are to suit a ZZT231 Toyota Celica. After some intense research and part number matching via the Koni website i discovered these to be 2″ lower than a standard AE92 Corolla Shocker and being in the front of a Celica that is slightly heavier than a 90 series front wheel drive corolla it was a match made in heaven for my little AE95 station wagon.

Now without going on and on we will get into it. I had seen photos of how to install the inserts yourself and even found a link on the Koni page itself to a video they have created for people keen to have a dip at home! awesome! With a few tools you can also do the same and save some mario coins and have some fun. Total time with beer and chatter took my man Andy and I 2-3 hours. We had to file down the studs at the top of the insert as they were hitting the sleeve inside the strut housing.

The other notable information I learnt from this project was that AE82 Twincam Strut housings will give you a little extra camber due to an elongated strut bolt hole at the top of the strut knuckle.

The concept of drilling into a gas strut base scared me and I was unsure of what would happen. I can gladly report that it was as simple as using  centre punch and drilling the hole in the base to drain the contents from the factory shock. This hole is then enlarged to take a 13mm bolt that holds the Koni insert in place.

Photos tell you the story far better than my ramblings and this is the Koni video showing the process: https://youtu.be/PXSnNZt3NiI

I recommend having a mate to help drink the beer and assist in holding things through the process. All in all a really straight forward, rewarding project.

Reports are good. These shocks are a beautifully engineered piece of kit and are so comfortable and compliant yet perform at either the softest or firmest damper rate. I’m set to halfway between soft and firm and am enjoying every second in the car.

You will need the following for this project:

-Koni Inserts

-Struts ( for their housing )

-Measuring tape or a ruler


-drill and bits to suit koni 13mm bolt

-Allen key ( for strut base bolt )




-Rubber Mallet


-flat head screw driver

Feel free to ask me any questions. More from me soon!



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