Tool Box Boom Box

After staring at my tool box one day, I realised something. I could put a car stereo in that! so I did! I spent $5 on all the parts but forked out for some shiny new tools for the rest of the job with some holesaws purchased to make life a little easier. All in all i reckon i spent around 3 hours go to woahhhh on it and im pleased with the result. The slim power supply was scored off hard rubbish by my partner in crime, young Katie, who saw it and knew i’d like it! wiring wise … Continue reading Tool Box Boom Box

Project Sub Zero

so, here I am, sitting on the couch with my mind constantly ticking over with ideas and crazy projects… all of them with their own little flavour in mind. After installing a subwoofer in a mates car I decided i’d come to a point where I knew what was required for me to run the same style setup without feeling like one of those “audio guys”. I began scouring eBay for a vintage esky and quickly found one locally that leaked through the drain plug – perfect! It had the worn patina style i’d wanted and was cheap at $20. … Continue reading Project Sub Zero