Project Sub Zero


so, here I am, sitting on the couch with my mind constantly ticking over with ideas and crazy projects… all of them with their own little flavour in mind.

After installing a subwoofer in a mates car I decided i’d come to a point where I knew what was required for me to run the same style setup without feeling like one of those “audio guys”.

I began scouring eBay for a vintage esky and quickly found one locally that leaked through the drain plug – perfect! It had the worn patina style i’d wanted and was cheap at $20. Friday morning I left home early ( in the dark to be honest ) as it was left out for me on the door step of a gents place a little drive away.

Sunday saw a trip out into the bush to collect a brand new VDO 10″ driver that I paid .99 cents for! brand new! with box, template, everything!! amazing!!

after the initial job, cutting the hole and mounting the sub I felt although it needed to be a little more polished. It need some MDF inside to give the speaker a sealed environment to live in. So, after another $7.50 at my local Bunnings it was on. It was a late night but after measuring the inside of the esky out i sealed the boxed with some clear silicone and went for it. I decided to mount the box usuing some screws from the base of the cooler to keep it from moving. The top lid piece came up just as i’d imagined and as pictured, it’s ultra ultra neat!

I’d thought of mounting an amp on top inside the cooler but it looked busy and untidy, so this is how it will stay. all in all for less than $30 and some shed time this is a killer little unit. It’s unique, it sounds great and you can flip it around so that people just think you’ve got lunch in the boot!




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