1995 Mazda 626 Electric Seat Conversion

My good mate Tony bought himself this neat as a pin 95 model Mazda 626 as a daily driver last year.  It’s a really nice little car for the money and he’d always wanted to spec the interior up and get some leather seats and door cards in the cabin.  After some searching he located a full interior for a steal and made it happen.  It’s fair to say that what he has now is a stand out simple vehicle with the comfort and features required by that of a regal gentleman.  It was at this point that a spanner … Continue reading 1995 Mazda 626 Electric Seat Conversion

JDM Monsoon Shields for my AE95 Wagon

Ever since I bought my AE95 corolla station wagon back in 2012 I’d dreamed of the day I’d find a set of genuine Toyota Monsoon Shields for her to wear.  I started out looking locally here in Australia but very quickly all that I found was the genuine Toyota Australia variant that is front window open and full grandma spec.  Over the last little while I’ve seen a heap come and go on yahoo Japan,  Facebook pages and eBay for incredible dollars with many being cracked or not up to scratch –  i’m really fussy too.  This set came from … Continue reading JDM Monsoon Shields for my AE95 Wagon

Ammo Box Hound Feeding Station

After some daily pondering whilst completely bored I came to the realization that my dog had a really crappy food setup with just bowls placed on a mat. Although he clearly wouldn’t mind as long as he was full what was going on I decided I wanted to make him something nice for his bowls to either sit on or actually sit in! Looking at the price of a nice looking dog bowl holder was quite horrifying… As was the thought of just “buying” one! So we came to a point where I was rummaging through my brain, thinking of … Continue reading Ammo Box Hound Feeding Station