Ammo Box Hound Feeding Station


After some daily pondering whilst completely bored I came to the realization that my dog had a really crappy food setup with just bowls placed on a mat. Although he clearly wouldn’t mind as long as he was full what was going on I decided I wanted to make him something nice for his bowls to either sit on or actually sit in!

Looking at the price of a nice looking dog bowl holder was quite horrifying… As was the thought of just “buying” one! So we came to a point where I was rummaging through my brain, thinking of all of the things I could Re-use to give him a feeding area.  I remembered this $20 market scored ammunition box i’d bought from a fellow at the markets and the idea was just too cool not to follow through with… AmmoBox1   Now it was as simple as giving the box a good clean up and measuring out the hole size to suit the bowls I was using and ensure it was all even on the lid and that we weren’t going to break a hole saw on any nails laying in the lid.

All was nice and smooth and after i’d fitted it all up thought it needed more. We ended up adding some small wooden letters for Jack on the front of the feeder just to make it a little more special for him!


It’s fair to say this was a really simple short project that proves how cheap and easily you can create something that looks awesome and serves a function!

More Soon!

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