Suzuki Vitara Shock Rebushing to suit AE95 Corolla Wagon

It’s been a little long in the making but I finally have found an OEM rear shock absorber that I’m pleased to say works beautifully in the rear end of my AE95 corolla station wagon.  It’s not an terribly challenging task. I sourced a really neat set of factory Japan made Tokico Rear shock absorbers from a 1993 Suzuki Vitara.  Whilst the top Mount points are bang on the rear eyelet requires a rebushing.  I sourced a kit from super cheap auto using bushes made to suit a Ford Falcon Panhard Rod.  The idea these would fit was based on … Continue reading Suzuki Vitara Shock Rebushing to suit AE95 Corolla Wagon

How to Repurpose an old Flannelette shirt!

I looked over at my rags pile and upon putting some thought into a new project involving a spare glove box for my AE82,  I decided I’d Repurpose the remaining shirt and do something a bit left of field and trim the base of the glove box.  The best way to do it was to clean it up and pull it down so I had a guide on where to run the fabric around the edges of the base of the box to ensure full coverage for a nice neat look.  Inside I went and managed to put the boss … Continue reading How to Repurpose an old Flannelette shirt!

Wrecker Spec JDM Floor Mats

Firstly,  there is nothing challenging or difficult about this.  I’ve merely written about it to make it known that you can find cool stuff for very little if you know where to look! My favourite place to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday ( apart from in bed with the good lady wife –  she reads these..  Gotta suck up)  I the Wreckers.  I have my own preference here in Melbourne as the guys always tend to have cool stuff with good bits.  Proof in what my cars have on them! Anyway,  for just $10 I scored a … Continue reading Wrecker Spec JDM Floor Mats