Wrecker Spec JDM Floor Mats


Firstly,  there is nothing challenging or difficult about this.  I’ve merely written about it to make it known that you can find cool stuff for very little if you know where to look!

My favourite place to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday ( apart from in bed with the good lady wife –  she reads these..  Gotta suck up)  I the Wreckers.  I have my own preference here in Melbourne as the guys always tend to have cool stuff with good bits.  Proof in what my cars have on them!

Anyway,  for just $10 I scored a set of awesome plush floor mats that are in stunning condition considering how far they have travelled.  A late model upspec skyline automatic with front damage donated them.  The Australian stuff just never has the cool colour combinations or the quality and plush quality that the Japanese stuff has…  All the way down to the floor mats!


Once home I gave them a really good vacuum and then got the steam cleaner out and really got them sparkling.  There were some light stains but nothing terrible. 


After letting them dry right out I chucked them into my wagon..  Although they do say skyline they look absolutely ace,  and they fit fairly well too considering the difference in cars. 

This just goes to show how far you can make your coins go.  Including entry these owe me $12 and I’m sure I’ll find more soon.  Happy parts hunting!



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