Glove Box Stealth Stereo

One of my personal loves of older vehicles inside is when you see a car that captures it’s time period with either stock parts down to the stereo,  gear knob,  seats etc or period style items that would have been seen when people were modifying them back in their heyday.  My biggest gripe with old cars is usually the radio.  I’m huge on keeping it right.  There is nothing worse than seeing some horrific brand new stereo mixed in with a beautiful old interior.  It doesn’t work for me…  It might for you but I’m in charge of the keyboard … Continue reading Glove Box Stealth Stereo

Linux Book

In this day and age, living in such a disposable society – especially technology wise, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest bits and pieces on a budget. The machine I run as my main portable computer is a very run of the mill ( by todays standards ) spec wise being a 2007 Macbook. It’s had a Ram upgrade and now runs 4GB and sports an intel core 2 duo 2GHZ processor. With operating systems scaled down so that smaller more portable devices can run them suprisingly with a little effort you can spend very little … Continue reading Linux Book

Hard Rubbish SD card reader USB Conversion

Walking my dog early in the morning gives me some excellent opportunities to score the stuff some see as rubbish and take it home for projects.  I have scored loads of good stuff and this was no exception.  I’ve wanted an sd card reader for a while as the Linux book doesn’t have one and I am constantly thinking “ill just buy one”  The computer this came on was stripped but a few goodies remained.  Essentially it’s as simple as cutting the motherboard pin connectors and using an old USB cable to attach to the wiring for the reader.  It … Continue reading Hard Rubbish SD card reader USB Conversion

Budget Gearbox Oil Filler

One of the best things about having a garage full of bits is that when you want something to do a job you can usually make it yourself.  You can buy these in a few different forms from auto stores but they charge silly cash for them considering what they are.  If I was to do this again I’d use either a section of clear hose or an entire clear hose for the end.  It doesn’t really phase me though as if you know the oil capacity of your gearbox you won’t make much of a mess! It’s fairly straight … Continue reading Budget Gearbox Oil Filler