Budget Gearbox Oil Filler

One of the best things about having a garage full of bits is that when you want something to do a job you can usually make it yourself. 

You can buy these in a few different forms from auto stores but they charge silly cash for them considering what they are. 

If I was to do this again I’d use either a section of clear hose or an entire clear hose for the end.  It doesn’t really phase me though as if you know the oil capacity of your gearbox you won’t make much of a mess!

It’s fairly straight forward,  a length of garden hose,  a funnel,  hose clamp and a lighter or heat gun. 

Pending your requirement grab your hose and heat it up at one end…  Once it’s nice and hot run the funnel down into the hose and let it cool down.  Once it’s cool throw the hose clamp on it and you’re set. 

Enjoy filling your gearbox  without making a huge mess or having any dramas!








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