Linux Book

In this day and age, living in such a disposable society – especially technology wise, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest bits and pieces on a budget.

The machine I run as my main portable computer is a very run of the mill ( by todays standards ) spec wise being a 2007 Macbook. It’s had a Ram upgrade and now runs 4GB and sports an intel core 2 duo 2GHZ processor.

With operating systems scaled down so that smaller more portable devices can run them suprisingly with a little effort you can spend very little and still have everything you need.

This was a hand me down machine. it has been through multiple family members before hitting my hands and has seen a life with a couple of good stacks, a spill on the keyboard resulting in a replacement amongst other things!

Anyway – to keep it brief I got this and thought “What the hell am I going to do with this”It was no longer eligible to run the later offerings of Mac OS and I was really dissapointed with it’s performance, it was unusable. But, I decided to save it as it had everything I wanted otherwise including wifi, bluetooth and multiple USB ports as well as the RAM upgrade.

I scrapped Mac OS and installed Linux Mint 17.1 on it straight from a Bootable USB.

I also replaced the poor old 20GB Hard Disk with a brand new 120GB Solid State Sandisk item.

With these two upgrades ( Linux was free, the machine was free and the hard drive cost me $60 and 15 minutes to install ) I was gobsmacked by the machines performance. It does everything and has totally exceeded my expectations and my requirements.

Linux runs flawlessly. It boots in less than 20 seconds from the get go and thats including the Apple Splash Screen. Every feature of the machine is seen by linux automatically with no additional drivers and I am well and truely happy to keep using it for years to come.

It is solid proof ( pun intended ) that you can do things on the cheap and get what the big guys get.

You can download and see more of Linux Mint here:



Happy Budget Computing!

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