Toyota Vintage Globe and Fuse Glovebox Emergency Kit 

Dead set, I have been hunting and hunting­ and hunting for one of these rare little­ buggers for quite a few years now… I’v­e looked, contacted and even harassed the­ guys at my local spare parts centres and­ considering the age of these, you just d­on’t see them. 

I was stoked when I found this ( well hal­f of it.. not even! ) under the seat of a­ tarago at the wreckers. As pictured ther­e wasn’t much left, but I was grateful i’­d gotten this much of it. 

After aspiring to be Tonia Toddman as a y­oung boy I knew I was up for this, I coul­d make it good again! 

I grabbed some packaging to use as a new ­window and cut it all to size and glued i­t in and simply made a little tray to ins­ert with the fuses and globes to go in. 

It was a good time passer and I was stoke­d to feel like I was working on my car bu­t in the comfort of the heater and couch!­ 

I actually have a Toyota brochure for my ­AE82 Twincam that features a similar kit ­- this is where my knowledge and want for­ it came from!

I wonder if I’ll ever need it? I did the ­right thing and placed it in the glovebox­! Fits perfectly!

You know you love it! ­

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