SAAS Vintage Fixed Back Seat Colour Change 

I’ve pondered giving this product a run for quite a while and watched countless YouTube videos and asked a few people around the traps what this stuff was like and just how well it performed.  

All in all I was still a little confused about what this stuff was going to do to my poor little retro fixed back and decided that for the $50 i paid for it I decided to take the plunge and if it went bad just have it retrimmed.  

Basically I used my judgement here and vacuumed the seat head to toe multiple times and also used packing tape to pick up everything I could to ensure a good clean surface.  Paint wise I sprayed the fabric the way it naturally went to ensure a good even finish.  

It doesn’t take long to dry and I used two cans.  I’d definitely say use a good amount of paint,  take your time and leave the seat to cure for 4 hours or more.  Once at this stage i again vacuumed the seat head to toe multiple times the way the fabric went and ended up with super results.  It’s not crusty,  there is no transfer onto skin or clothes and it looks absolutely sensational.  I masked up the signage and underside and went for it.  

I highly recommend this product.  Alot of people say it’s not a good idea and that it doesn’t work.  My perspective on this is that it all comes down to preparation,  take your time,  have a beer and just do it right.  It does work! 


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