Wombat Tarago Map Light Into AE95 Corolla Wagon

Looking at the roof lining in my wagon I realised a vital accessory was not only missing but very easily fitted with a little bit of measurement and some care. Now, the challenge for me was finding a factory map light setup that I liked, was easily obtainable from the wreckers, not to mention period correct – you can’t go fitting brand new parts into an older car it won’t flow!

This is how I came across the wombat Tarago setup. I originally ran a Paseo Map light that was perfect for the spot but the wombat has a clock aswell – It had to be done!
$15 later I had my candidate and I was good to go. The fitment side of things is very easy with one end of the light being loaded with a spring loaded pair of hooks that retract and then spread out in the roof cavity giving you a good fit. The other end is different – because this also contains the rear vision mirror it uses the original corolla mirror mounting holes and I’ve packed it with a nut to space it out so that it all sits evenly.
Wiring wise you’re at ease with just earth, constant 12v and the switched earth from the factory dome light circuit to trigger when doors are opened.
This took me around 2 hours due to running wires and the cutting of roof lining, I was really carefull with this! I used a stanley knife with great success! I havn’t seen any other cars with this type of mod but it’s really cool, I just like it because it’s different and nobody accept me and a couple of ultra keen enthusiasts notice it’s not there from the factory!
I really like hunting these parts down. they are common but become very unique when placed into the wagon!
Until next time,
Happy Modding!

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