5 Minute Compost Bin

It’s not my usual type of creation, but none the less, something i’d wanted to do for a long time. I make everything I can, and that includes scratch meals made from real ingredients.

I don’t like waste, so, this was a shoe in for my project schedule. There’s nothing to it to be honest. It cost me nothing and that was the goal.

I had a lovely pink tub, it was my favourite tub, due to being pink. It had cracked and was useless as a storage device, thus making it either rubbish – or something like this. The tiny skid pallet was used to elevate it off the ground and I decided to attach it so that the wind didn’t happen to blow her all away in the early stages!

I had a little bit of potting mix spare so i used that to start a base and put some water in there to keep things nice and moist – I hate that word!!

The biggest task of this project was drilling the holes. It took me a couple of minutes. Basically, I drilled enough holes that I was happy there was going to be enough aeration in the tub. I used a slightly larger drill bit on the lid and placed holes in areas were the water would channel down into when it rains as i’ve left it outdoors for the best chance of catching most of the water naturally.


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