Scrap Wood Screwdriver Holder


To begin with, this is ( on it’s worst day ) what I was dealing with that made me want to store my screwdrivers in a better and more accessible way!


It doesn’t take much to build a quick piece with basic tools such as this for easier access and use when working on projects.

For me it was the simple need to have one open and easy place to access my screw drivers as they would be right up there with my most used items. Again, you can buy things similar to this (most of them are plastic ) but why not build one out of scraps for nothing and know you solved the problem with your own hands!

I based the size of the holder on how many drivers I had with the facility to add extra at later dates. I have used around 70% of the space. To ensure the holes were neat and not tatty I used a spade bit. It took about 20 minutes all up with the holes being the main time killer.

A light sand was needed to clean up the edges but overall, a very simple but effective project. It’s not perfect but it does exactly what it was built to do!

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