Scrap Wood Tool Shadow Board


An absolute pet hate of mine is not being able to find tools – second to that, not having a place to store them. One of the oldest and best ways to do this is with a shadow board.

Going out and buying the typical piece of perforated board can be ultra expensive, and for someone like myself, I’d rather not have a giant white piece of board in my garage – I’m a little more natural than that!

The sheet I used was scrap ply from the top of a pallet – with little warping I decided it was a good candidate. I also used some pallet wood to back the sheet with some sealant to bond it with screws to finish.

The brick wall in the garage is quite unforgiving and the only way I could be sure the weight wouldn’t pull the whole thing down was using some dyna bolts. If you havn’t had much to do with these guys, let me tell you, they are awesome! Just drill out a hole, tap the dyna into the hole and spin the nut onto the thread until the back end of the dyna expands out and holds it in place nice and tight.

After this it’s just a case of figuring out what tools go where. I essentially just placed them closest in accordance to usage at the edge of my bench – a good philosophy I thought!

The calendar was a nice touch I thought!






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