10 Minute Corolla Short Shifter


There isn’t a great deal to this one…  Basically it’s a 10 Minute modification that will give you loads of satisfaction when driving your AE82, 92 95 etc.

Alot of Toyotas share the same or a compatible Shifter but not the same housing,  some are plastic,  some metal.  You’ll find that fitting something into the housing from another Toyota of a similar age will totally change your gear selection,  either for good or bad!

After some stuffing about I’ve found the best combination and run it in both of my corollas.  Youll need a Shifter from an Ae112 Corolla.  They look like this:


They run a plastic Shifter base but the selector fork is perfect! It will reduce throw by around 40 %.  In my opinion,  this is a great compromise and isn’t over the top!

Removing these is easy done,  just make sure you have a punch,  hammer and a flat head screw driver to take the base apart! I didn’t grab photos of this..  Sorry 😦

Installation is far easier with the metal base being bolted together.  I’m not going to show you how to remove and install the Shifter in its entirety as that’s another post in itself! Follow the pictures and you’ll see how it all goes together! Make sure you grease up the ball and bits and bobs! This is a cheap,  easy and awesome little project!


See you soon !

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