Flatbar Seat Rail Mod on AE82 Corolla

I’d purchased this Retro Bucket quite a while back and dyed it ( previous post ) and had been meaning to get it into my AE82 to protect the factory drivers seat, but also to add a touch of comfort too. It’s really easy to do using a set of stock seat rails and some flat bar that can be purchased anywhere that sells steel etc for a tiny price. I managed to get some ratty stock seats and as they were no could could justify throwing them out and just keeping the rails for this project. It’s a matter … Continue reading Flatbar Seat Rail Mod on AE82 Corolla

SV21 Camry V6 Cruise Control Conversion into AE95 Corolla Wagon

This is one of those unicorn type of projects that has a massive affect on a car. I’ve wanted to put cruise control into my AE95 since I bought it but because of my way of doing things I had to wait until my skills improved so that I could work out a way to get something from another Toyota that was period correct that would work. I scoured the wreckers and after some time knew that SV21 Camry cruise had a hope of fitting. I didn’t think it would be this good though!! First of all I started with … Continue reading SV21 Camry V6 Cruise Control Conversion into AE95 Corolla Wagon

Diy $20 Oil Catch Can

You see loads of cars running catchcans… Some are nice and stealth..  And just do the job they were intended where some are really a standout in the engine bay,  literally screaming for attention. For me this had two issues: I wanted to put one in each of my cars buy for both I wanted them to be a reasonable price and I also wanted to them to look factory,  if you havnt noticed I have a flavour that’s got factory issue written all over it! I won’t go on and on so lets get down to the important parts.  … Continue reading Diy $20 Oil Catch Can