Diy $20 Oil Catch Can

20160803_174804You see loads of cars running catchcans… Some are nice and stealth..  And just do the job they were intended where some are really a standout in the engine bay,  literally screaming for attention.

For me this had two issues: I wanted to put one in each of my cars buy for both I wanted them to be a reasonable price and I also wanted to them to look factory,  if you havnt noticed I have a flavour that’s got factory issue written all over it!

I won’t go on and on so lets get down to the important parts.  The can piece itself is a power steering reservoir from a BMW 5 series I found at the Wreckers.  Its nice to look at,  it’s well made and it seals.  It’s a simple project with the baffle piece going under the lid and is from the supermarket cleaning section –  it’s just a steel wool sponge thing.  It was a dollar!!

Now in regards to the hose i used some transmission cooler hose in two sizes to make it all fit up.  There really is nothing more to it! I chose a nice area and mounted it in the engine bay and cabled the lines together to keep it nice and neat. I reckon this looks really subtle and gets the job well and truly done for a fraction of the price.

Happy catchcanning!

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