Flatbar Seat Rail Mod on AE82 Corolla


I’d purchased this Retro Bucket quite a while back and dyed it ( previous post ) and had been meaning to get it into my AE82 to protect the factory drivers seat, but also to add a touch of comfort too.

It’s really easy to do using a set of stock seat rails and some flat bar that can be purchased anywhere that sells steel etc for a tiny price. I managed to get some ratty stock seats and as they were no could could justify throwing them out and just keeping the rails for this project.

It’s a matter of removing the side mounting points that hold the seats together from the factory and grinding down everything left to achieve a nice even smooth surface to mount the seat to. Most of these types of aftermarket seats have threaded holes in the base for ease of use with either a rail ( you can spend loads of marios on bride, recaro and other rails ) that are brilliant but also not common place for a car such as an AE82 Corolla!

The time in in measuring and getting it right the first time rather than drilling 5 holes and making a mess. To aid in stability I added cross bars and mounted the seat to them just for some peace of mind – it’s stupid solid!

To finish it off I repurposed the side of an old case I’d used for a boom box and made trims to cover the rails and give everything a nice finished off look. I went with the washers as they allow the bolt to not pinch the plastic covers but also looks really good!

An easy project that’s good to get done over the weekend or on an evening without too much trouble!

Happy Bucket Seats!

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