SV21 Camry V6 Cruise Control Conversion into AE95 Corolla Wagon

img_20160810_000956_28285012024_oThis is one of those unicorn type of projects that has a massive affect on a car. I’ve wanted to put cruise control into my AE95 since I bought it but because of my way of doing things I had to wait until my skills improved so that I could work out a way to get something from another Toyota that was period correct that would work.

I scoured the wreckers and after some time knew that SV21 Camry cruise had a hope of fitting. I didn’t think it would be this good though!!

First of all I started with the Combination switch. I’ll blog about this later, but what i want you to know is that the wiring and mounting for the camry combo switch with the cruise stalk and intermittent wipers fits in with zero modification to an AE9X Model Corolla – Yes! straight in! I’m serious!!!

The next thing was to go to the wreckers and get everything I’d need – This meant all of the actuator gear and cables, the wiring, switches the whole box and dice. I spent my time on this part, ensuring that I had everything – delooming the donor camry and making it mine!

With the whole enchilada collected it was home to make it happen… First on the list was to remove the factory AE9X Wiper bottle and convert the car to using the Camry Bottle that mounts low in the front guard – There are provisions for this from the factory! I used brackets and mounted it up. The wiring for the washer motor will stretch down that far without modification, you just need to add a little extra hose to the pump and you’re set!

mounting the actuator was next and I was pleased to not drill and holes into the body of the car, it all went in nicely and fits well with the washer bottle gone! The factory throttle cable was retained and used to connect to the actuator with the camry actuator to throttle cable used to complete the system.

After this is was a matter of pinning out and running the wires and installing the two switches to suit the cruise for the brake and clutch to disengage the system when either pedal is applied. The camry brake switch was used as it has 4 wires rather than the regular two the corolla has – I used the Corolla factory brake switch as the Clutch switch. I can send anyone who wants wiring help diagrams as I purchased a Factory Camry Wiring Supplement locally – What are the chances!

I then modified a factory corolla central lock rocket switch to take the factory cruise control switch from the camry so it was dash mounted and OEM looking. The only issue I ran into was that for what ever reason, the Diagram and the wiring itself showed a difference in the brake wiring that required swapping the pin locations for the brake switch as the cruise wouldn’t engage due to being given a 12 volt signal as if the brake pedal was on the floor even when it wasn’t. Otherwise – easily installed.

This is an awesome upgrade and cheap from the wreckers! I recommend it highly. The system is very clever for the age it is and has features such as “Resume” and “Coast” that are very effective in everyday driving conditions.


Play Hard!

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