Budget Car Washing Foam Gun


Tying in with the regular theme of things I do, this has to be one of the best finds yet! I’ve wanted a foam gun for washing the chariots for quite sometime now and was astounded by what you pay for something that’s made for car washing – it’s bloody rude! I was looking at anywhere from $80 to $150 for something that just wasn’t worth anywhere near that – It wasn’t happening!

Now I must say that this operates off a regular hose and not a high pressure item and I’m happy to explain why I’ve gone down that route as I do own a pressure washer. Owning older cars means that trims and plastics can be that little bit more sensitive to the force of a pressure washer – I don’t like to give those parts of the cars a hard time and this was the reason for a hose – With a decent gun like this you will still achieve good results!

What I found was a pesticide gun with hose attachment that has an adjustable ratio nozzle and holds 450ml in it’s reservoir.  I know that doesn’t sound like much but from the photos you can see that I’ve covered two cars and half the driveway! That was using 40ml of car wash and hot water to the top to make up the wash. When you consider most car wash bottles are 1-2.5 litres pending brand you would have plenty of washes using the gun to regulate soap usage.



I removed the black snout from the end of the gun so that I got a nice straight stream of soap. For $20 at Bunnings this is an awesome little addition to the cleaning inventory. You can view them here:


Happy Car Washing!


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