Clarion vx400a Touchscreen Replacement 

It was one of those dilemmas…  I was at the Wreckers and was pulled toward a totalled Ute with no understanding why…  It was not something I’d usually pay any attention to…  Until I saw a poor little radio with a smashed screen…  I considered it…  But initially walked away. 

After about 10 steps I thought “no no,  take it and see how much they want”.  This was something I’d thank I did as it cost me a stupid $5.  

After getting home I put the deck on a battery and to my surprise it fired up…  It was very very knocked around but it went.  I then tested it’s features and quickly worked out the only issue was the touchscreen.  It was stuffed! After a decent session on eBay and gumtree I realised the screen might be tough to obtain here…  I wasn’t wrong..  You could get them but they were hundreds of dollars…  Not happening! So in the end Ali express came to the rescue for 16 slammers posted from China –  yep, I was stoked! 

After removing the buggered touch screen I measured it up and made certain I’d bought the right one and had it sent.  

Once it arrived I propped it,  and installed it back into the unit.  Now,  I must point out,  the ribbons used to connect the screen to the board on the unit is a pain..  You need to be steady and patient. 

As you can see though its come up trumps,  it worked great and it fits well in the car.  For $21 I have a flash unit with Bluetooth and the satisfaction that I saved it and repaired it myself! 

See you soon! 

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