Some Say it’s Luck: The Art of Sourcing Cool Stuff on a Budget! 

I get alot of people asking about the parts I source,  the things I seem to get really cheap and in general what goes into finding things and knowing when to take a risk and when to let something go.  

It’s not difficult from my perspective and in my opinion it’s not luck,  it’s effort,  time and research that allows the projects to flow and the parts to be located.  

I don’t just jump at anything,  I always play the safe game and ensure the gear I grab is either cheap enough that if it’s terminally knackered I can throw it away or in some cases use parts of it for something else and not feel bad.  A very recent example of this was the five dollar clarion touchscreen.  It was so cheap it didn’t matter what happened and the replacement part I was happy to punt 16 bucks on knowing there was a chance it may not actually repair the unit –  a calculated risk that paid off in this instance. 

The next recent silly score was ofcourse the VW wheels and tyres that were $40 for the set.  Now I must say there is an element of luck here in that I phoned the seller on gumtree instantly,  but then they were listed a week prior to my phone call according to the user and nobody had wanted them –  I don’t know why! But,  luck or not I literally dripped everything to pay and collect them instantly as that was a condition of the deal,  get straight in the car and make it happen.  You have to be prepared to do things straight off the bat! 

I’m not in any way just blowing my own horn,  I’m pointing out that to get things in this manner you work for it,  you frequent wreckers,  eBay,  gumtree and peoples nature strip’s when walking the dog at 6am pursuing what ever it is you need for the next build.  I must mention the lady in my life here,  as she has taught me the most valuable of skills.  That is the skill of patience,  waiting and knowing when to hit the go button and when to hold back –  you can’t just grab everything you see,  you won’t know what to do! 

I suppose the point I’m really making is to get out there,  get amongst it,  research that pair of speakers you’ve found to determine their value before you shell out the cash,  assess the problem something has and if you can fix it and make it work for you and save your marios bloody do it! Don’t be lazy! Learn a new skill,  ask people,  soak up what others are up to and get inspired –  you’ll produce ha dome results! 

See you out there! 

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