Fuel Sender Replacement on AE95 Corolla Wagon 

Nothing sucks more than driving a car with a faulty gauge of some description… Let’s be honest, If anything in the cockpit is off it’s an annoyance and can add some stress to driving said chariot. 

For me it was my fuel gauge, and the fault being the fuel sender unit. As you can see in the comparison shot, the old one shows fatigue… I managed to source one from a low km example at the wreckers that looked as though it hadn’t sat dry long – This doesn’t do a sender much good! 

Now, in regards to the installation it’s a 2 minute job on an AE95 Wagon. 

Peeling the rear left boot carpet back about 30cm will give you enough working space to get to the wiring connector and phillips heads for the cap and then also underneath for the sender itself. 

You should be gentle when removing/replacing the unit into the tank as they are quite a sensitive piece of equipment and you don’t want to go bending things where they weren’t meant to be! 

Be clever and place the screws away from the opening to the fuel tank too… I place mine well away so there is no chance I could feed them anywhere they shouldn’t go! The install is as easy as the disassembly process being the reverse… obviously…. All you need to do after is give the sender the chance to float up and give an accurate fuel reading to the gauge… you should note how much fuel was in it ( apparently anyway ) before you do this to ensure you aren’t still getting a false gauge reading … if you don’t have a reading at all or alternatively you have a full tank the whole time ( I did ) you will know you have fixed the issue pretty quickly! 

Not an amazing post and not so much a project but a fix none the less… I haven’t written for a while but have a lot of stuff in the works… 

Stay Tuned!  

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