MA70 Toyota Supra Electric Seats



I’m gutted! The drivers side seat will not fit in my AE95 Wagon without cutting both car and seat – something that I’m just not willing to do… The seats are going to a new home where they will fit, but I really wish I could have kept them as the passenger side looked great and was in with basically no modification… just a little spacing on one of the rear seat legs.
I found these cheap and bought them knowing that I couldn’t easily test them as I had no wiring, no switch and no diagram handy… And then I went to my bookshelf!
I split the wiring pin out into two simple projects.
The seat Base:
The base was a very very simple one as all I had to do was send 12v through the hot wire and earth the other and the motors on the seat did the rest – the switch set holds the goods so no work was required there – very easy. I had a spare Toyota junction I used to repin the factory connection into and went from there. All worked flawlessly.
The seat Upper:
This wasn’t so easy as I needed the Lumber switch from either a Supra, Celica or Soarer that ran these seats to test the lumber and Bolster motors were functioning. I was very lucky that my man James had a switch and generously donated it to the cause – It works perfectly too! The same process was followed as the base with a pinout diagram and some toyota junctions I had laying around I could repin the factory wires into and build a harness. With this all sorted I powered the switch up and everything worked perfectly – an amazing feature and  a real testament to Toyota Electrics after 30 years still working flawlessly!
Beyond this was the sad reality that the seat on the drivers side just would not go in my Wagon. I was very dissapointed by this but am happy they will go to a good home. I love finding a diagram and pinning out functions and just in general using my brain… maybe one day a set of seats will come up that fit… who knows!
Until next time, Keep the sparks flying!

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