Sega Megadrive Mini Into AE95 Wagon

Leading on from the purchase and repair of the Clarion stereo published previously I had forgotten I owned this little tribute SEGA Megadrive console… The other day, searching high and low for something completely unrelated I unearthed the little guy and it clicked.. Mate, That’s perfect for the wagon. From here it was all about fitment and ensuring the radio would take the sega using it’s AV input, which it did! I know it’s not exactly a tough one… it’s two RCA plugs, one audio one video and off we go right? Well, Yeah that’s it in a nutshell.. Although, … Continue reading Sega Megadrive Mini Into AE95 Wagon

Corolla Interior Deep Clean

First of all – I didn’t think of this myself I saw it years ago on Might Car Mods – This is an absolute champion of an idea, it’s cheap – $50 plus chemicals for 48 hours. Easily sourced at Bunnings, and best of all, super easy with immediate results. I went with the Britex branded machine over the rug doctor item simply due to the small detail attachment being a far better shape. It’s up to you – you will see similar results using either. I had previously completed this project with a few of the lads eariler in … Continue reading Corolla Interior Deep Clean

Pallet Wood Day Bed

As most of these projects start up a little piece of a larger puzzle was collected just on sunrise walking the dog through the local neighbourhood. It was a home made trolley with massive caster wheels. It was at this point that the boss mentioned – “you could make us a daybed and use those”. Let’s be honest, I have no understanding how 4 caster wheels just explode into a daybed.. but that’s cool.. amazing imagination none the less! from here it was a case of stripping the wheels off the plank of wood and going about sourcing the rest … Continue reading Pallet Wood Day Bed

Corolla AE112 Gear Shifter Linkages into AE82 Twincam

I’m going to take a stab and say that not a great deal of people would have tried this one! Let’s point out what’s actually going on here! I noticed my gear selection was terrible in my AE82, it was sloppy, all of the place and sometimes felt different each shift… I couldn’t deal with it.. I decided, after trying a multitude of things to remedy my issue that I’d inspect the linkages. The eyelets on the selector side of the cables were fine, I changed bushes but to no avail. Next was to swap in a stock gear shifter … Continue reading Corolla AE112 Gear Shifter Linkages into AE82 Twincam

Carib Instrument Cluster Install + Tonia Todman Inspired Arts and Craft

First of All , a massive shoutout to Kev for the cluster – He knew I’d put it to good use! In Australia this is a very rare instrument cluster, not only is it only found in SX/GTI Model AE9X Corolla hatch and seca only but it’s also a different cluster in that it has the A/T Oil Light, 180 rather than 200km/h Speedo and the oil pressure and Tacho reflect the Wagon running gear with lower redline to match up etc. Wiring wise the only difference to get this going in my base model wagon was to repin the … Continue reading Carib Instrument Cluster Install + Tonia Todman Inspired Arts and Craft