Carib Instrument Cluster Install + Tonia Todman Inspired Arts and Craft

14572445_1778157089106063_6964024928132392273_nFirst of All , a massive shoutout to Kev for the cluster – He knew I’d put it to good use! In Australia this is a very rare instrument cluster, not only is it only found in SX/GTI Model AE9X Corolla hatch and seca only but it’s also a different cluster in that it has the A/T Oil Light, 180 rather than 200km/h Speedo and the oil pressure and Tacho reflect the Wagon running gear with lower redline to match up etc.

Wiring wise the only difference to get this going in my base model wagon was to repin the handbrake, demister and engine lights as their location changes from the top panel to down on the Tacho – A minor but nasty result if not sorted! – She will catch fire! Let’s not forget I was already running an AE92 Seca SX Dash that I’d had to repin and extend my factory wiring for previously.
I decided to freshen the lighting up with some white LEDS and let me tell you – tip of the century – Don’t just go buy them from **********auto – they were $22 for a pair!! yes pair!! – Jaycar do them in a T10 and also the smaller T5 for $1.95 each – go there!
I used some Meguairs Trim Detailer on the inner Dash Surround to really bring the black bezel up to scratch with sensational results – A few passes were required as it was super dry.
Finally I found the corniest Toyota Slogan in a brochure from my collection and inserted it into the dash in the spare slot above the transmission light. It sits under plexiglass and looks awesome – very neat and almost factory looking – you can decide on that though!
Happy Dash Clustering!

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