Pallet Wood Day Bed

As most of these projects start up a little piece of a larger puzzle was collected just on sunrise walking the dog through the local neighbourhood. It was a home made trolley with massive caster wheels. It was at this point that the boss mentioned – “you could make us a daybed and use those”. Let’s be honest, I have no understanding how 4 caster wheels just explode into a daybed.. but that’s cool.. amazing imagination none the less!
from here it was a case of stripping the wheels off the plank of wood and going about sourcing the rest of the required materials. Luckily I have access to pallets at work and over a three day period managed to freight 6 full size pallets on the roof of the trusty chariot wagon home to the shed for the project!
The hardest part of joining the four pallets was not only getting them to all fit together and sit at the same height on top so that the mattress was level but also deciding on how to make it strong enough that if we loaded it up with people it wouldn’t split it’s guts down the middle and fail!
I has seen other people building these and using steel bar and simple attaching it to the front and the rear of the bed to keep them held together – it looked terrible and to be honest, in my opinion wasn’t going to be strong enough! It’s far better to over engineer something!
I used threaded rod and some washers and nuts and with the aid of a spade bit braced the pallets together through the sides and also with two larger 1200mm lengths on diags to really pull it all together. It is stupidly strong! We have had about 200KG on it and had no issues – I think I did alright!
The next hurdle was the fact that we had four casters and I needed six! With a visit down to Bunnings the wheels we required were just far too pricey – $45 a wheel wasn’t in the budget so we skipped this and luckily the missus scored two from her work that were being thrown out! And, to top it off they were the same size and a perfect fit – sensational!
With the wheels all fitted up it was super cool to see things coming together – I had drawn up what I had wanted the bed to look like and I think that I stayed fairly close to the drawing with a tweak here or there. With some measurements taking it was time to build the side and backing – a very simple process. I stripped the remaining two pallets of their slats and cut them to size and simply build frames to fasten them to. It was a relatively fast process. With it sitting there, slats vertical I noticed that it looked unfinished, it needed something – it needed a flat top on the side and back for placing glasses on, food, what ever your arms – fat arming the day bed, yes. I got on it and placed the slats on top an it really finished the overall look off… It looked great … I then realised another missing feature… I want a place to put beer, wine or what ever else you drink.. and whilst I was at it why not make them large enough to hold ice. This was all sorted out with two 100mm cap and end PVC bits and some brackets – they are a little over the top but they are super functional!
From here my efforts with the project were complete – the styling department stepped in. My partner and her Mum made this a reality, making the  cushions from scratch using the sewing machine and all, trimming the mattress that was custom made at Clark Rubber to fit the dimensions of the bed. This made me super proud as we had shared the project. This part really made it for me as it just looks so good!
With summer approaching the daybed is seeing loads of use and is a great place to chill out on the back decking. Although the trim work isn’t completed yet it will be shortly with more cushions and possibly a coat of paint – I like it the way it is but i’ll let the design team run wild!
Further you may see the recess, almost a step from the lower to pallets to the two stacked on top – although firstly an accident, I made this more profound for the sake of my Dog Jack – he loves the bed and can get up all by himself!
This proves just how far you can make scrap bits go – Happy Building!

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