Corolla Interior Deep Clean


First of all – I didn’t think of this myself I saw it years ago on Might Car Mods –

This is an absolute champion of an idea, it’s cheap – $50 plus chemicals for 48 hours. Easily sourced at Bunnings, and best of all, super easy with immediate results.

I went with the Britex branded machine over the rug doctor item simply due to the small detail attachment being a far better shape. It’s up to you – you will see similar results using either.

I had previously completed this project with a few of the lads eariler in the year but never got the chance to get stuck into my AE82 interior – the worse of my two cars. I tried as hard as I could to get some good shots of just how dirty the clear nozzle gets when it draws up muck – Thanks to Katie for being film crew for the afternoon!

It’s mental how rapidly you see results, one thing to keep in mind is that you will see the seats get worse before they are better due to the muck being drawn up to the surface before going into the cleaner reservoir.

I must warn that if you aren’t much of a trooper with grime and dirt then this may not be for you.. when emptying the machine of the dirty stuff it’s not the nicest of experiences – especially the smell… and foreign hairs from the eighties… that’s rude.

You could spend ages and I did – I’ve performed two passes on the seats and door cards and will be going a third after I write this. I figured the results were so dramatic I could post this up and still demonstrate the benefits!

The other handy thing is floor mats. I cleaned up the Wrecker Spec Floor Mats I’d posted about previously with marvellous results!

I recommend a warm day for this and being our first 30 Degree Melbourne Day for the later half of 2016 I made it happen! You will have damp seats so make sure you allow them adequate time to air out and dry!

I’d better go and clean the couch whilst I’ve got the machine on hire! The Boss will be stoked!

Happy Cleaning!

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