Sega Megadrive Mini Into AE95 Wagon


Leading on from the purchase and repair of the Clarion stereo published previously I had forgotten I owned this little tribute SEGA Megadrive console… The other day, searching high and low for something completely unrelated I unearthed the little guy and it clicked.. Mate, That’s perfect for the wagon.

From here it was all about fitment and ensuring the radio would take the sega using it’s AV input, which it did! I know it’s not exactly a tough one… it’s two RCA plugs, one audio one video and off we go right? Well, Yeah that’s it in a nutshell.. Although, This is where I discovered the feature Clarion use in their later units to make it harder to hack the old Handbrake wire. Now, Let’s just point out – Don’t do this if your going to watch videos or try and play sonic and drive – I don’t endorse this type of behavior.. It’s for the passenger.. or me when I’m bored and waiting for my fish and chips.. you know….

So, this wire. I watched some Youtube videos of blokes using relays, some bought kits from eBay for $20!!! Not a bloody chance I’m following these two routes, that’s silly! It’s simple – The handbrake wiring on the radio requires a change of state so to speak – not just earth. How does one simply wire this up you ask? Wire the handbrake trigger into the Antenna Trigger of course! It changes state switching from the Radio ( +12v ) to CD or Aux ( -12V ).

I can see this providing many hours of joy when I;m bored with my little wagon!

Happy SEGA for everyone!

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