HID Install on Mazda3

With the standard headlight globes being blown on my new daily drive it was only obvious to install something else. By chance I had already purchased a Jaycar kit and it was good to go into my little Mazda. The first drama of these cars is that to remove the headlights the front bar has to come away from the car, some people say off but I decided to remove the 8 thousand screws and unclip it and let it hang with some protection to keep the paint from being scratched. There really isn’t much to these kits as they … Continue reading HID Install on Mazda3

Jerry Can Garage Computer

The starting point for this project was the computer system, complete with monitor, keyboard and mouse along with the tower itself. It was in reasonable condition with the exception of loads of dust and marks from being placed in the bin – yeah, I saved it! just in time! I had the thought of making it wall mounted in a box with a perspex cover to show it off, but this has been done and done well. I wanted to do something a little different. I started to ponder what I had sitting about that would have enough room to … Continue reading Jerry Can Garage Computer