HID Install on Mazda3

With the standard headlight globes being blown on my new daily drive it was only obvious to install something else. By chance I had already purchased a Jaycar kit and it was good to go into my little Mazda.

20161220_195356_31387687440_oThe first drama of these cars is that to remove the headlights the front bar has to come away from the car, some people say off but I decided to remove the 8 thousand screws and unclip it and let it hang with some protection to keep the paint from being scratched.

There really isn’t much to these kits as they are plug and play and in my mind, it’s all about the mounting of the ballasts and the wiring. Whilst alot of people tend to just throw it all in and just cable tie it up somewhere I feel it’s far nicer to go the whole hog and find points, as I did already sitting in the front of the car with thread waiting for something to sit in there.

It was nice and quick, around half an hour to 45 minutes start to finish, this includes the removal and reassembly of the bar and headlights. I might also add that for some reason these cars have the tendency to blow globes on one side likes it’s going out of fashion – this is the third one I’ve changed globes on and it’s always been an issue for those examples.

As you always should, I tested everything before installation and also after install but prior to placing everything back together, a simple method that everyone should use – you never know the life these things have had in transit from China!

All in all there isn’t much to write here, the vision at night is superb but no over the top, as pictured the car has factory projector style lenses so other road users don’t copp the startrack enterprises weaponry arsenal when coming the other way – it spreads the light nicely! I will at some point do the foglamps aswell but for now this is it!

Please remember, these aren’t ADR Approved!

Happy Lighting!



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