Oil Container LED Workshop Light


I was given a couple of brand new LED down lights and placed them into a box in the garage, knowing that at some point I’d be using them for a project… I realised how stupid expensive LED shed lighting is and wanted to place one of both lamps into something with a handle that I could carry around and place down and use when needed.


I also worked out it had to be able to copp some abuse as you never know when you will trip over, drop something or spill gravy on said light when playing projects in the shed. I realised just how usable an old oil container can be and decided this was just perfect!


Using a couple of holesaws made for quick progress after measuring up the hole to suit the grilled used from another projects left overs to allow heat to escape through the rear of the container and also the cavity for the lamp to sit in.


I decided to mount the plug in the threaded lid area of the container as it’s best to just attach an extension lead to run the light.


This took me about 30 minutes and the most important process is ensuring all oil is cleaned from the container – this took the most time! The light doesn’t get too hot, produces a crazy 1550 Lumen and would cost you about $30 to make providing you have a left over container.


A simple yet effective way to repurpose shed junk!

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