Radial Subwoofer Shed Display Piece


I was shown a picture of a Subwoofer mounted in a tyre and had also seen it ages ago on Mighty Car Mods and wanted to create a display piece for my garage that would not only look the business but function using my little bluetooth car radio thats mounted to the bench for signal.

There isn’t a great deal of ingenuity in this project as it was more about sourcing the parts. I was super lucky to discover someone had left the subwoofer in ported box on a rubbish pile on my way to work in the dark one morning, the tyre was a wreckers special, and the guitar stand was a cheap eBay job! To power the Sub I stripped a powered Sony Hifi Subwoofer that had a 100W Amp inside. I have mounted the amp to the underside of my workbench and it stays well out of the way and doesn’t get too warm and is more than happy to belt the sub – maybe not belt but it makes enough noise that’s for sure!

I used speed nuts ( the little clips you get with speakers that take a thread and close up ) to mount the sub firmly into the tyre. I simply cut a piece of MDF into a circle and screwed it to the rear of the tyre to seal it, using binding posts to allow speak connection.

I may build another more extravagant setup some point later on. For now this will tide me over!

Happy Rubber!


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