Delta Monarch Wheels Cleanup


It’s been a very long time coming, but last summer I finally secured a set of Delta ( Mullins ) Monarch Wheels. The entire theme of my AE82 is based around era specific modifications, and this type of wheel really drives that home for me!

You will sometimes see sets of Monarchs for sale, but very rarely these days unfortunately as most have gone to god with the car they once rolled on. They were common on a wide range of eighties cars and were made in a variety of sizes and stud patterns, mainly 4X114.4 and 4×100 but also Holden and Ford patterns being an Australian made wheel.

Thanks to my friend Ben, I secured a reasonable set from Tasmania that were actually on another AE82 that was semi buried on a property out in the countryside! He kindly got them over to me after securing them at the right price.


As you can see, when I got my hands on them they were in pretty rough shape, but are nice and straight with some rash but nothing that will prevent further use.

From here it was time for a bath, a scrub and a good rub down to get all the surface contamination and pitting out.


Once nice and clean I went back for a second pass with some steel wool and another good scrub before an extended session polishing each wheel face by hand in front of the TV – it was lovely!
I am pretty satisfied with the end result and just need to grab some wheels nuts and new centre caps and get the tyres fitted so I can put them where they belong – on my AE82.

I will post some shots once I get to that stage but for now The shoes will sit preety in the garage!

I’ve done a few sets of wheels now but these are my favorite by far!

You will see another set of retro rollers restored this year, but not for a while!

Stay Tuned!


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