Garagista – Coffee at the Garage May 2017

Moving to the Greater Geelong Region made me worry that I’d be traveling back to Melbourne alot for those meet ups we all seem to go to these days…


I was completely wrong!  If you’re looking for something to do on the last Saturday morning of the month, I have the place to go. Garagista in Moolap is just unbelievable, when they say “Automotive Artisan” they mean it! The variety, the company and the coffee are all a cut above…



Something I appreciated was the range in age of owners, and their open minds to all the different vehicles parked up. I think there is somewhat of a flavour that can be seen in the photos taken, but really, how can’t you like seeing all this “stuff” together – It was awesome.



Coffee is free, although you can donate to a really great cause in helping Foundation 61 – who support men through rehab from life controlling addictions. The guys really put on a good little catch up with heaps on interesting stuff to see inside the workshop too. I didn’t manage to snap a couple of cars that left before I got the camera out and also missed a couple of bikes that turned up – I’ll grab some next time.










My heart was stolen by the little SAAB 96 Below. I’m quite partial to SAAB’s as my parents owned and drove a 1976 99 GLE for quite a few years when I was a child and looking back now, memories of the car and it’s oddities in comparison to the way other brands were engineering vehicles at the time really stick out to me. I’ll save that for another time – but, This little 96 is just awesome, it’s so well executed.


The exhaust note on this car is something you just have to see/hear to believe, it’s off it’s head! You can see what obviously adds to all of the anger when the bonnets lifted via the two leather straps on either side of the bonnet.


There is something so classy to me about a front tilting bonnet!


As you look to the rear of the car you can see how well the lines flow and finish up with those subtle but magnificent tail lamps – I think you get the idea – I really like this car!


To cap it off – here is a video clip just to give you and idea of the noise this car produces!

If you’re keen to come down check out @garagista on Instagram for the next Morning catchup – I’ll be covering each of them on here if you’re too far away!


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