Delta Monarch Wheels – First Drive


It’s been a long time in the making but finally, I got the chance to have some decent rubber fitted, bought some wheel nuts and fitted my little Delta wheels on for their first drive.

The worst thing when buying wheels, especially sight unseen like these ones – They were in Tasmania! Is that you never know if they roll true, aren’t cracked, hold air and all those types of things that could go wrong, especially after fitting up rubber and going to the trouble of cleaning them up. Everything worked out for the best in this situation and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result.


The only real trouble I ran into was finding some shanked wheel nuts locally that had a long enough and small diameter shank to suit the wheels – Burson came home with the goods in the end! I must admit they aren’t much fun to fit up as you really have to take care ensuring the wheel is centred and ease the nuts on so that they sit true – you could easily damage the lug holes on the wheels – and they are quite soft.


The last piece of the puzzle are some centre caps – they will come soon! I couldn’t help but get them on and have a drive and some photos!





I do have another set of wheels to paint up and use on one or both cars, they will come soon – for now there’s some cool stuff coming up in the pipeline, it’s going to be a massive second half of the year for me!


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