Car Spotting May 2017

This Ford Meteor wagon was truly incredible. The photos do it no justice in comparison to seeing it rolling down the road like it was brand new. The best part was that it was totally stock standard and original bar a set of period Hello brand fog lamps neatly mounted up front and the Venetian blinds seen in the rear glass. I really hope to see it again and capture some better photos!

This Chevrolet Pick up looked absolutely awesome bagged and on the ground. I love the patina and sign writing on the door as well as the white and teal colour combination!

It was absolutely crazy to see this Renault Alpine just casually sitting in traffic – a beautiful looking car that we don’t see here in Australia.

The colour combination on this early Ford Pick up was outstanding! I really took note of the fact that the red was in touch with the age of the car as it wasn’t a high gloss and tied in perfectly with the wheels!

There seems to be a real abundance of older Mercedes in my area with a couple photographed lately. This example parks in the same spot most days and is very straight and tidy as well as remaining completely stock standard.

There was a whole lot going on with this little Golf, sitting on massive wheels. You don’t see this look around as much as you used too…

This super original Hiace VanWagon was decked out inside with camping bits and pieces and after chatting to the owner has just had a full engine rebuild. He likes it because it’s a bit older and has that retro touch. I sure liked it !

This XC Ford Ute looked to be daily driven and was stock down to the hubcaps – a very uncommon sight these days!

Last but not least was the second Mercedes I spotted. This was for sale and had a sticker on it representing a Mercedes club. I love the originality!

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