Car Spotting 13/07/17

I’ve spotted some absolutely awesome stuff over the past month… Check it out:


This is quite a rare car in Australia, especially for dirt racing. You can see this thing has lived a fairly hard life… it was caged and stripped out.




It was absolutely pouring Kombi’s again with just a couple snapped up, but heaps more spotted.. that’s beach living for you!


AE82 Sedans are becoming very uncommon now… One of my favorite body shapes! This example was the typical older owner and was very neat and original down to those factory wheel covers!


I don’t think I’ve ever seen this model Hilux in cream / beige before – I only every thought the older shapes were released in this hue. Original plates, wheels and all on this reasonable example!


I caught this just in time as the bus closest was actually moving. I love seeing these older fords unmolested and original , especially on hubcaps!


It was a little sad to see such a well appointed car so badly treated, but, that tape job is second to none! This particular car had the button entry under the door handle.


One of the coolest VIP cars to come from Japan in my opinion, The Hiace Super Custom. These things are stupid cool. This colour scheme was quite nice with a few little JDM accessories to match.


A fluke snap shot of this fat Torana rolling through the lights – I really liked the height and wheel choice on this.


A super straight SR5 AE95 with all the factory bits and pieces. I’d love to have another one!


Audi Wagon, Lows, Wheels and RAD!


Honda Accords in this model don’t get enough love. This car shows so much potential…


Although factory in appearance, there was a clue to this Mustang having something lurking between the towers as she was on mod plates…. I wonder whats in there?


It almost seems like these older F-Trucks are making a come back… I see heaps of them…


I actually quite like the old Onevia look… I was stoked to see it on snowflakes!


Another car I wish I saw more of… N14 Pulsars in the SSS variant are just that good… This car was so original, clean and well cared for. Awesome to see.


Possibly my poorest effort photographing such an awesome car but oh well.. There is just something so sweet about older Mercedes slammed on Caps…


Is this the filthiest Volvo 850R ever? God those motors sound tough!


Apparently this fine example is daily driven! God it’s well kept. I love the colour too.


Apart from the peel on the centre caps, how stupid neat is this Pintara liftback. I was honestly shocked at just how good it is…

Anyway, That’s the bulk of what I’ve been spotting over the past month.


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