Skateboard Wheel Shift Knob

I decided that the old auto daily driver needed some youthfull love due to the amount of sucking the auto sucks… I’d wanted to do this for ages but wanted it to sit on the stock shifter stick so that I didn’t have to go ruining something for the sake of being a tool and putting skateboard wheels onto the gear selector.

The solution came in some M8 threaded couplings and some security headed screws at 100mm in an M8  also.

I owned the wheels already and worked out that the bearings on each end actually work well to look the part but act as a washer to hold the whole thing together!

Fitting the whole thing up in the car was really easy and just required a little adjusting to ensure the wheels were even and tight so that they couldn’t move as that would make noises and cause baby jesus tears.

Funnily enough I like it… It’s a bit different… it’s rude as and it stands out like tits on a bull! Why not!

Very easy to do!


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