Mazda 3 Leather Interior Upgrade

It’s a really typical behavior that alot of people, and obviously myself included posses. You have a car you like too much to daily drive, you buy another one, you like it too much, you buy another one… and so on…

That said I wouldn’t say I will keep this one and do anything with it like I have my other cars… I just wanted some basic comfort, and got way too tempted when a full leather interior came up. Well sort of “Full” I’ll explain.

I was blessed that my mate Bway was by my side as otherwise i’d have had all sorts of dramas making a decision on the day, and, carry all of it up to the counter!

There were two cars with leather interiors on offer to be truthful, but, both had flaws. The first car was really reasonable but had no head rests or door cards ( Dammit! ) and the second was smashed to bits but had it’s door cards but like the other no head rests ( you pricks ) and also had no front drivers seat as it’s airbag had deployed. I grabbed the best from both the cars and was pretty pleased with what I had stacked on the trolley to take home. The biggest problem now was head rests, I’m way to OCD to just accept it as is and run with nothing for the sake of the leather….

That’s where that side of me to fight with improvisation comes out to play and I have a thought. MAZDA 6 Headrests!! “Yeah they’d surely have a chance of fitting” I thought… And be it my luck or fate that there were multiple black leather examples on offer.

We were home – the headrests went on without issue and matched perfectly! Shit yeah! I actually roughly measured the front seats from the 6 and reckon the whole lot would bolt straight into a 3 – I might try that next time I go down! I got out right on closing time! Another thing to note here is that Sedan and hatch seats and door trims are interchangeable! Cheers Mazda!

IMG_20171022_200954.jpgIMG_20171022_200948.jpg As you can see, The seats were bullshit dirty, no bad damage, just lots of dust and glass etc.

I was “allowed” to bring the whole lot inside to spend the evening cleaning them down again and again until I saw them as fit for my car. Here we see a victory pose from a very happy goon after scoring ultra budget comfort range seating:


I used Autoglym Leather Cleaner to get the pews back to good form and I’d estimate about 6 passes per seat to achieve the pictured results.

After getting it all in the car I was stoked… The following morning a bloke came and bought the whole cloth interior and that paid for half of the leather upgrade – All in all as it stands I paid $100 for what you see. Not bad hey!

Once in the car I have been using a leather cleaner / conditioner / hydrating lotion and cleansing wipes to keep it all happy and soft – It’s bloody lovely!



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