SAAS Fixed Back Seat Install

Firstly, let’s talk about the seat, the brand and the decision to install it into my AE82 Corolla. I’ve got some concrete plans for my little hatch this year and I wanted to get started on a couple of really lacking areas to kick the process off. The factory interior I’m running in this car is a rare velour option that was only available for about 6 months – If i’m to drive the car more ( finally ) I want to protect the drivers seat, it has already sunk, and, that was why I wanted a new seat. I … Continue reading SAAS Fixed Back Seat Install

Geelong Revival Motoring Festival 2017

I’d always heard about the Revival, but had never been down for a look. I felt that living just 15 minutes away, I’d best pop in for a look and watch some racing! I couldn’t believe the quality and diverse group of metal that was just everywhere, it was bloody awesome. There were lots of favourites but, some real standouts for me were the Honda K20A converted Ford Cortina, The bagged Ford Thunderbird convertible and those bagged old school pick up trucks! ( but there were so many more ). I was lucky enough to get the chance to place … Continue reading Geelong Revival Motoring Festival 2017

Polishing Stuff A Little Left Field

Have you ever used a product for something it’s not necessarily designed for and had good results? I have, and I figured I’d share a couple of things I’d hit with the ever popular Meguiars wax. It’s a funny thing, you have the thought that a certain product will work on something, for the two examples here I’ve used wax on a Barbecue and a lawn mower with stupidly good results! When you think about it, they meet the criteria for what wax is designed for – both have painted surfaces, both see weather – I do take good care … Continue reading Polishing Stuff A Little Left Field

VW Caddy Reverse Camera Installation

Over the Christmas break, up visiting my family, I gifted my Dad with one of these little kits for his 2014 Volkswagen Caddy. I really wanted to get him an OEM camera and double din factory radio but it just didn’t work out. Mainly due to the fact that he has become quite accustomed to the single din pocket used for storage. I decided to use the clip on style unit as I didn’t want to flood the dash with shit and rely on a suction cup to stay put – to me this was the best way… The first … Continue reading VW Caddy Reverse Camera Installation