Polishing Stuff A Little Left Field

Have you ever used a product for something it’s not necessarily designed for and had good results?

I have, and I figured I’d share a couple of things I’d hit with the ever popular Meguiars wax. It’s a funny thing, you have the thought that a certain product will work on something, for the two examples here I’ve used wax on a Barbecue and a lawn mower with stupidly good results!

When you think about it, they meet the criteria for what wax is designed for – both have painted surfaces, both see weather – I do take good care of my stuff though! and both need a good clean from time to time -I do this more than most!

The mower came up really well!

I treated it like I would anything and gave it a good wash before going nuts on it with wax and a cloth. Have a look for yourself, it looks awesome!


The second thing I got excited about that was quite a bit different was my little Barbecue. It was super faded and looked near beyond it’s time with us. I ended up hitting it with some wax and also some bumper detailer to really sort out the little black plastic pieces on the old girl.

It came up super well and was quite a laugh. Don’t worry, I didn’t wax the grill or anything!


A little bit random as a post, but it is what it is! Shoot me a message if you’ve used something a little outside it’s regular function! I’m keen to see.


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