VW Caddy Reverse Camera Installation


Over the Christmas break, up visiting my family, I gifted my Dad with one of these little kits for his 2014 Volkswagen Caddy. I really wanted to get him an OEM camera and double din factory radio but it just didn’t work out. Mainly due to the fact that he has become quite accustomed to the single din pocket used for storage.

I decided to use the clip on style unit as I didn’t want to flood the dash with shit and rely on a suction cup to stay put – to me this was the best way…

The first thing I did was check wiring lengths – we needed a little extra but it was pretty generous, the run was super long due to the van being so bare and skeleton inside – it had to be hidden properly!

Once the mirror was mounted and the wiring length sorted I decided to go straight for the tailgate – I figured this would take the most time as I had to remove the tailgate trim, the rear door plinth ( that’s the plastic I’m mounting the camera to in the photos ) and the rear tail lamp to expose the grommet.

From here I fiddled about and managed to get the wiring through the factory grommet and ran it with the tail light loom into the cabin – This wasn’t a lot of fun!

From here I went on to installing the camera itself onto the back door. This was nice and easy and is super solid in it’s place on the plinth. It was nice and easy to get the camera into the right spot and luckily, the bracket is nice and flexible so some fine tuning later was made easy.

I used the double sided tape on the cam bracket to work out where the camera was best positioned and marked out a neat spot to drill a hole for the wiring to pass through behind the unit.

I had some help from the furry apprentice and Mrs R-G while we were at it! oh and of course my Dad too!

The biggest job of the project was running the wiring from the rear up to the front of the van. With my Dad and I sharing the same mindset for wiring and hiding the stuff, we took to the van with a couple of old school methods to run everything out of sight with great results. I had the job of pulling all the trims away in the front cabin and Dad focused on the rear, meeting me in the middle.

A very simple project, just taking some time to finish the install with some pride is key with these types of jobs – As you can see I took quite alot of time and it did pay off! I will review the camera as a product sometime in the future – I must admit that for the price, I was very surprised with the quality of it for the price point. My Dad is absolutely stoked and we ended up tweaking the position of the cam to suit him both reversing and also getting the tow ball right on the hitch of his trailer with a touch of ball vision ( haha… Ball Vision… ehhh ).

The mirror has adjustable contrast/brightness/saturation on the back of it and we also gave that a tweak to get a happy medium between day and night time reversing!

IMG_20171225_171218.jpg I reckon the happiness this brought to Dad made me enjoy the project alot more – I may install one into my Mazda with a slight twist – You’ll have to wait for that one though!

More Soon!

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