Facer – The Smart Watch Application That Will Blow Your Mind


Facer Official Website

Officially –

“Facer Watch Faces is the ultimate watch face customization platform for Android Wear & Tizen smartwatches. Facer offers everything you need to customize & personalize your Android Watch or Gear S2/S3, including 15,000 free and premium watch faces from leading brands and artists. You can even make your own watch faces and share them with the world using the creator tool. Don’t be default, Facer offers everything you’ll need to bring your personal style to your smartwatch.”


I am new to smart watches, new to Android Wear and also very very new to having the ability to use the Facer App to just switch between watch faces when ever I please from my phone.
Is this not one of the greatest things ever? TMNT Yo!
Now, apart from having loads of free watch faces to choose from, you can purchase loads aswell. Some are a couple of bucks, some are 10 bucks… it depends on what you want. At this point I realised that all of those childhood watches, all the cool stuff you could wear on your wrist, Swatch Watches.. oh man… The mind boggles.. and then some…
So, It’s at this point that I do some light reading on Facers “Create your own” watch face option, I think about it for a second and decide That this could be fun. After registering my profile, I start exploring some ideas that had been banking up in my head…

“The Facer Creator allows users to create & distribute their own working watch faces for smartwatches including Apple Watch, Android Wear & Samsung Tizen (Gear S2 & S3) devices. Everything you need to go from a concept to a working watch face on your wrist!

Utilize design templates, premium assets & drag & drop functionality to create working watchfaces in mere minutes.”

I have now created four faces and am really stoked… I love that I have made them and I can wear my work on my wrist! I can choose what I want on the screen. It is simply awesome!
My little Retro Toyota face has scored some love which was a real rush.
I will post up more of my creations as time goes on, for now though, Come and give me some love at: Retronics Garage Facer Profile
I’ve got so many Watch Faces banked up in my mind it’s not funny!
If you read this and start making your own drop me a line and I will give you a follow!

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