SAAS Fixed Back Seat Install


Firstly, let’s talk about the seat, the brand and the decision to install it into my AE82 Corolla.

I’ve got some concrete plans for my little hatch this year and I wanted to get started on a couple of really lacking areas to kick the process off. The factory interior I’m running in this car is a rare velour option that was only available for about 6 months – If i’m to drive the car more ( finally ) I want to protect the drivers seat, it has already sunk, and, that was why I wanted a new seat. I figured whilst I was at it I’d go for something with some more support as I don’t enjoy being thrown around in my current stock seat.

The model of this pew is a Mach Ii and is readily available in Australia, I had mine delivered from an online store.

Now, the whys: There were a couple of reasons I steered this way.

  • It was so well priced, and is very well made – SAAS seem to have stepped up their game from their previous decade of shitty seats as these ones remind me of the original Australian made seats of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.
  • It’s ADR approved and comes with paperwork to prove it.
  • The fact that the seat is very plain and just “black” makes it relatively discreet in the cabin.
  • It’s really comfy and suits my frame well ( 34 waste, typical beer gut )
  • I like it.

I was lucky enough to have free range of a spare parts AE82 thanks to my man B-Way. He gifted me some factory rails to chop up for this project.  The flat bar is 50mm wide X 3mm thick and came in a 2 metre length. This is enough to to make two rails and cost me just under $20 at Bunnings Sausage Warehouse.


From here I measured everything up and worked on drawing up my project to ensure I cut and drilled once and measured 40,000 times – I was very successful.

I then cut all the factory mounts off the rails so that the flat bar could be mounted straight on for test fitment. There was a fair deal of grinding here.

Once the stock rails were shaved down I cut the flat bar the length and drilled holes for the seat mounts ( M8X1.25) and also the bar to factory rails using the same bolts with nuts and washers to suit.

After some test mounting and fitment onto the seat and into the car with success, I took the rails outside and painted them in Roll Bar and Chassis Black Paint to tidy them up.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a lot of pictures of this project but you get the idea of what I was up to. Now I’m nice and comfy.

Lots more to come very soon!


3 thoughts on “SAAS Fixed Back Seat Install

  1. The seat looks really good in there, just wondering did your seats come with side mount holes because all the advertising pictures of them have side hole but I ordered some off line and they had no side mount holes only bottom mount holes.


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