John Deere Green Machine Surgery


I scored this little fellow from my boss. He gave it to me at work and asked if I could just check it out and see if it was a minor or a major issue that had caused it to stop running. Not being much of a believer in repairing something, in the end it became mine… my favorite type of deal!

I’d never seen a John Deere branded line trimmer before and I knew it was a keeper. It simply wouldn’t fire up… at all, it had fuel and it had spark but it would not go – Most of all it had compression, infact for something that’s been revved all day and stored outdoors it has really survived. I could tell the 2 stroke mixture was well and truly up shit creek and that was a good place to start looking when I wanted to see this thing give me just a sign that it had go left in it. I stripped the carb down and checked it over and found the issue straight away – It was blocked, and not just a quick clean up the grit and get going, blocked!

I decided that coming this far, I may as well give the whole thing a proper clean and pull the trimmer right down and get it all sorted at once. Surprisingly, the fuel lines were well and truly still intact and in great condition considering the age of the unit. Once completely stripped, I flushed carb cleaner through the carby and all associated parts,   flushed the fuel tank out – The mixture was about 40-60 oil to fuel and was clearly another reason why this poor little thing ran so badly when it did show me a sign of life.

One of the biggest dramas I had was getting the throttle cable and it’s housing back onto the carb in the right spot. I’d never seen one setup this way and at first, thought it was a major flaw of the little green fellow. In the end it was just about learning why it was the way it was and looking at it from another perspective – this works well when you start to get the shits with something I reckon!

Afterwards it was just a simple process of putting the thing back together and giving it a good tune up.  She starts first time every time now, and even when dead cold is happy to fire up on fuel and not aerostart, an awesome result.

IMG_20180205_183212.jpg Whilst I was out in the garage I gave a hair dryer a new lease on life as well. It was just not powering up and was otherwise ok one day and not the next. It’s pretty obvious what is wrong when you see the cord and the horrific twist in it.

It was a 10 second job to pull the casing off and cut out the bad sections of wire and  cut and solder new stuff in. I ended up shortening the cord and running the new connection inside the unit to prevent it being twisted and broken again. A really simple fix!


More from me soon!



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