AE95 Corolla Wagon Rear Suspension Lift


As you can see, I have started the process of turning my AE95 into a slightly lifted, slightly more usable, capable machine. My mates Kev and Chris have been true lads over the time I’ve been researching components and helped me out alot purchasing parts to make it happen. Chris is running a standard height ( For Now! ) AE95 and Kevin is running a lifted 95.


I knew that from when I’d lowered the car, Using Falcon springs from an EA/EB/ED/EF/EL Falcon Sedan rear was a great fit with a few coils loped off for extra measure. After doing quite alot of research I discovered that a series 1 AU Falcon runs a near identical rear spring to an EF/EL but it is a touch higher and a touch more progressive. I knew that this would be a good characteristic for my setup, even with the weight difference between the falcon and corolla.

Pictured is the pair of AU Springs and Stock AE95 rear Springs for comparison:

From here it was a chat with Kev in regards to rear shocks. We came out with what he is running, some Rav4 factory height rears. These are super well suited to the falcon coils and match the height perfectly!


The rear shocks are brand new from a company called “Ultima”. These were super well priced and have been good to me in the past with a couple of other cars. A good entry level unit until I work out exactly where I want to go with the setup etc.

Ultima Rav4 Gen 1 Rear Shocker Part #36075231202

I also thought I’d point out that I’m running an AE86 Rear swaybar and an Adjustable panhard rod that was made by Kevin for me.


It was a simple swap over with just one of the springs needing to be compressed to get it in and pull the diff down so that the other spring could be placed in. Once the swaybar and panhard rod are bolted back together, the entire setup is super tight and very at home. There is a good amount of travel and the tail shaft doesn’t suffer horribly from poor angle due to the change in height.

The change in height is very dramatic and looks silly with my current wheels. The plan for new wheels and tyres is coming, as well as the front end lift.

You can watch a Video on this project from my YouTube Channel:


Stay tuned for more on this soon! There are plenty of cool little things you’d never expect fit one of these corollas from other toyotas!



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