My AL25 Tercel – Wreckers Run & First Parts

Above is my little AL25 Tercel that is currently sitting on property in NSW just outside of Albury. Luckily she is now under cover and is sort of protected from the elements… You can see how honest the car is, and, I can tell you it needs work… lots of work.

I wasn’t planning on a visit down to the wreckers until I checked in on what was in stock and saw a good AL25 in grey that appeared to be an SR5 – she even had a bullbar!


I didn’t even take the right tools to gather what I wanted! I had to go to the counter and ask if I could possibly use a wheel brace – They were super helpful and gave me the bits I needed to grab the steering wheel, instrument cluster and the door moulds ( They are nice thick moulds on the SR5 and my car is missing a mould. )

The cluster is great as it has a Tachometer, and, how awesome are the fuel and temp items sitting to the side. Really sweet!


All the bits were absolutely filthy. The steering wheel had crap all over it from a steering wheel cover – I could tell it would come straight off and took a punt on it being a bit of a gem under all of that adhesive. I used my thumb to roll the grit over itself to remove it. After a good scrub and a treatment with some protectant it was super!


I also saw a few really cool cars in the yard whilst I was there:


This tired but savable 1967 Nissan Patrol is such a rare car. I’ve only ever seen a handful still on the road and none of them were this light blue colour that appeared to be a factory hue. It’s a shame seeing it there like that.


1985 Honda City – As you can see this was a really good example and was 100% a shame as, apart from the paint, you could have cleaned this thing up and had something really decent.


This 1995 AE101 Toyota Corolla Sprinter was by far the most let go example I have ever seen. Every panel was stuffed, paint and motor appeared gone and it was just a base model, with the exception of the front seats being the nicer “Levin” specification bucket. Unfortunately though, they were nearly not worthy of saving either.

Although I’m not in the space to work on the Tercel just yet, I will from time to time throw out an update on where things are at and what parts I’m finding.



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